The William Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin

Knuth Headstone and Obituaries

Wilhelmina Albertina Bann Knuth and William Knuth Family Headstone

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Minnie Knuth Knuth Headstone

Minnie Knuth in the 1930s - also the Gravestone for Both Minnie and William Knuth - Click the Images to see them full size

 Minne died of complications of Goiter (a thyroid disease that can be prevented with iodine supplements which are usually included in salt

Wilhelmina Albertina Bann Knuth's name was originally spelled Wilhelmine Albertine - She was known as Minnie most commonly.

You can see Wilhelmine's Obituary and William Knuth's Obituary on the gravestone photo page

Grave Marker

The parents and siblings of the William Knuth family