The William Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin

Formal Family Photos from the 1870s through the 1970 of the Knuth Family

The Carl Knuth Family Carl was at one time known as Charles Knuth by the US Army See the home page for more information

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The Karl Knuth Immigrant Family in America - Karl was also known as Carl and Charles

The Carl Knuth Family Line - Carl's Father and Mother were Johann Knuth and Caroline Wegner.  This Formal Portrait is circa 1900

The first two generations were born in Kreis Wirsitz, Posen, Prussia (Germany). Carl Knuth came to America in 1862, enlisted in the Civil War, then finally settled in Augusta, Eau Claire Co., Wisconsin in 1868. There, he wed Wilhelmine Lambrecht and started their family and farmed. His wife, known and Minnie Knuth was 18 years younger than Carl

Some of their children remained in the Augusta area, and others moved away to North Dakota, and Saskatchewan, Canada


The following information has been contributed by others.  It has culled from various resources and passed on.  The sources cannot be accurately cited but the information is believed to be valid; from historical records and various genealogy research web sites.

Carl Knuth's Children

Died Spouse(s) Born Died
Henry Julius Knuth 1934 Bertha Ernstine Bauch 1878 1964
William Fredrick "Bill" Knuth 1955 Wilhelmine Albertine "Minnie" Bann 1881 1942
Anna Maithilde Knuth 1979 Frederick Jul Stubbe unkn
Charles Frederick Knuth 1939 Clara Lund 1889 1984
Edward Johann Knuth 1964 Augusta G. "Gusty" Bauch 1883 1969
Theodore Otto "Ted" Knuth 1970 Hazel Hodge 1892 1972
Herrmann Gustaf Knuth 1962 Mary Ann Hess 1893 1962
Emil Otto "Amiel" Knuth 1977 Florence Johanna Marie Tomke 1891 1986
Wilhemina "Minnie" Knuth 1989 1- Albert Otto Fredrich 1881 1928
2- Hanby unkn
Alma Cora Knuth 1982 Fredrich Adolf "Fritz" Gessner 1889 1972
Martin A. Knuth 1977 1- Rosella H. Bundt 1900 1945
2 -Elizabeth Brantl Kropp unkn
Rufrina Alwina Knuth 1986 Edgar Augusta Rubbert 1887 1968

Carl Knuth's Parents

Died Spouse Born Died
Johann Knuth unkn Caroline Wegner About 1815 1856

Carl Knuth's Brothers and Sisters - The Knuth Siblings

Died Spouse Died
Carl August Knuth (self) 1913 Caroline Wilhelmine Lambrecht 1855 1942
Anne Louise Knuth unkn
Caroline Wilhelmine Knuth unkn
Johann Ludwig Knuth unkn
Christian August Knuth 1849