The William Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin

Knuth Snap Shots

Miscellaneous and Informal Snapshots of Knuth Family and Friends Point and shoot cameras became more popular, portable and plentiful in the 1930 through the 1050s

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Cracker Jack Ears alice Axel and Rover  betty herrick Betty Herrick on the Beach Roberta Thurston's mother      Ricard Moen and Dennis Dorothy Knuth and not sure Elma Gestner, Minnie Knuth Frederic    picking angle worms        John Knuth      Knuth Kids and dog

Snap shots of the Knuth family and the environs of Augusta Wisconsin.  The photos span from the 1930's through the 1960's.  Featured: Dean Knuth, Dennis Knuth, Buckhorn Bar, Betty Herrick, John Knuth, William Knuth, Ervin Knuth Logging, 1946 Studebaker, Fall Creek, Richard Moen, Alice Sperber, Axel Wilhelm (aka Axel Wilman), Monty Knuth.

All so an apparent family reunion of the Knuth family including Gestner's and Rubberts.  See 3 images  that are apparently the same event, the same Knuth Family reunion.  See images 14 15 and 43 

Also See a FULL Size Picture of a car in the Augusta Wisconsin 1956 Centennial Parade

Augusta Centennial Parade 1956