The William Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin

Knuth Individual portraits; school and personal

The photographs are mostly from High Schools, Grade Schools in the Augusta Wisconsin and other West central Wis areas

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Alice Sperber Arlene Sperber Arlene Sperber Bill Matz Dale Fried Donald Sperber Edith Kewn Eleanor Sperber Elenore Sperber Emogene Knuth Emogene Reta Grams Knuth Harold Sperber Harold Sperber Herbert Knuth Warren Erdman John Knuth Dale Loman John Knuth Virgil Wolfgand Kenny Sperber Larry Ide Marilyn Erdman Lamont Knuth Monty Knuth Unknown Sonia Matz Virgil Wolfgang Unknown Woman Not Identified Unknown

Grade school , high school graduation, photo booth and other portraits of members and friends of the Knuth family in Wisconsin

John Knuth, Monty Knuth, Emogene Knuth, Herb Knuth, Don Sperber, Harold Sperber, Sona Matz, Alice Sperber, Bill Matz and many others