The William Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin


The Augusta Wisconsin Area Knuth's arrived in the Augusta Wisconsin Area in the late mid-19th Century (the 1800's)
The Knuth Family grew in the Bears Grass, Rodell Wisconsin and Dells Mill Area of Augusta Wisconsin, not far from Fall Creek Wisconsin.  Both the Dells and Rodell area were tiny communities of large families in the late 1890's and Early 1900's.  The time is also known as the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, the 1800's and the 1900's

How do you pronounce Knuth?

Descendants with this sir name are not wide spread in America so the pronunciation for the family name is not widely known.  The preferred family pronunciation of  Knuth is 'ka-nooth' or 'ka-noot'.   The name is of Germanic / Scandinavian origin and a variation is Knutson (ka noot sun).  To pronounce Knuth as 'nooth' or 'noot' identifies you as a stranger; not of Northern Wisconsin origin.

The Father of William Knuth was Carl Knuth (aka Charles Knuth).  Please register on the contact page if you have questions or information about the Knuth family

The family home is located on Highway V between the Dells Mill Museum and Rodell Wisconsin

Knuth Homestead

The home is still basically unaltered from when it was built and can be located on Highway V not far from Augusta. The house lay out and location is explained on the Homestead Deconstructed page

You Can see the Knuth Dairy Farm (thumbnail on the right) as it was in 1949 Here. And the Dairy Farm De-Constructed Here

It still is a private home and farm.  The last known owner was Cory Berlin, son of Roger Berlin and Kathy Daniels Berlin of Augusta Wisconsin

You can see the Full Wisconsin Map on the Dells Mill Site

Dells Wisconsin Map

Wisconsin Dells Mill Area

This site is maintained and managed by Dennis Knuth, Son of John Arnold Knuth and Emogene Reta Grams Knuth;  Grandson of William Knuth and Wilhelmina Bann Knuth (aka Minnie or Wilhelmine); great grandson of Carl Knuth and Carolyn Wilhelmine Lambrecht Knuth (Luedke) .  I grew up with grandpa William, living on the Homestead until his death in 1956.  I continue living in the Knuth home until leaving it for college in 1966.

This site has been compiled and created by Dennis Duwayne