The William Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin

Knuth Family Photo Albums - A Historical Family in Wisconsin

New Photo Albums.  The photos are largely duplicates of the "Old Album Pages" linked at right but are being reorganized and re-identified - HELP OUT! - If you have any questions at all, please register and send the question along

Virginia Bann - Died of Pneumonia Alfred Bann and Girl Friend with a wily dog Grace Luthern Church in Augusta Wisconsin. edited picture version circa 1930s Not the Bible School in th ebackground and the unpaved roads and young trees Top Row Elmer,Ivan, Lawrence Bann Bottom Row Archie, Martha, Jule Bann
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Emogene Reta Grams Knuth graduaton photo circa 1944 Emogene Reta Grams Knuth Graduation Picture circa 1944
Emogene Reta Grams Knuth
Mother was Reta Zank Grams, later married to Eric Kunert; Father Emil Grams
Mother of Dennis Knuth and Sherri Knuth Moore Saxe, Wife of John Knuth
Born on July 28th in 1925
Raised in Augusta Wisconsin (Eau Claire County and the Town of Bridge Creek) Herny Knuth and Wife William Knuth Was Born in 1877 and Died in 1955 Minnie Wilhelmina Albertina Ban Knuth ws born in 1881 and Died in 1942 the Knuth headstone Charles Knuth and His Wife
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Bill Bann Wilhelmias brother in a hat Identity not certain Willhelmina Albertina Bann Knuth later in her life.  Minnie died at the age of 61 in 1942.  Note the goiter on her neck Wilhelmina Knuth Bill Knuth Ramon Liptke back row John Knuth Douglas Kewl Ervin Knuth and Axel Wilmen front row Knuth Reunion 1958 at Matz
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Knuth Family Photo Albums were created by William Knuth and Wilhelmina Albertina Bann Knuth. The Albums were inherited and Added to by John Knuth. Names and identities are from the memory of John Knuth age 75 to 85.  Some of the names may not be correct because these memories are clouded by the mists of time.  Please register if you have any updated or corrected information.

Our photos are at least 50 years old and some over 150 years old - many are unidentified or unknown- Help Out!

The photos are from the Knuth Family Album of John Knuth, Son of William and Wilhelmina Albertina Bann Knuth and Grandson of Carl Knuth

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The Knuth Family Married into the Bann, Sperber, Johnshon, Solie, Brown File and other families in the Augusta Wisconsin area.  The family had farms in Augusta Wisconsin, Fall Creek Wisconsin, Fairchild Wisconsin, Canada, North Dakota, Minnesota and the Upper Midwest

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