The William Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin

This is the original Knuth Homestead Dairy Farm in Augusta Wisconsin from the Air in 1949

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You can see the home and location layout explained

The Knuth Family 1949 Farm Deconstructed Page Here

Knuth Farm 1949 TN

Remarks about the layout of the Farm, the buildings and their uses as a Dairy Farm in 1949

The 18th Century Dairy Farm in 1949 below is the north east facing side - the photo on the bottom of the page is east facing

You can see a huge photo of the farm for printing here (size 5626 x 4557)

Knuth Dairy Farm 1949

This 1949 Dairy Farm was just about self supporting. Crops included Wheat, Corn, Hay, Oats. Livestock included Guernsey Dairy Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Ducks and Geese. A large garden supplied the fruits and vegetables.  During these times the Holstein breed was just entering the herd stocks kept by most farmers.  The Guernsey breed mostly disappeared from Wisconsin farms by the late 1970's

he home can still be found on County Highway V between State Highway 27 and US Highway 12, Between Rodell and the Dells Mill, between Fall Creek Wisconsin and Augusta Wi, in Eau Claire Wisconsin. 

You can see a very large 2005 photo of the farm on the photo page

The homestead photo below is the east facing side of the house and Augusta Wisconsin area farm yard

Knuth Farm  Wisconsin Homestead 2004

The Augusta Wisconsin Former Knuth Homestead in 2006.  John Knuth, sold the homestead in about the 1980's.  In 2010 he is the last surviving member of the William Knuth and Wilhelmine Knuth Family