The William Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin

The Children, Grand Children and Great Grand Children of William Knuth and Wilhelmina Bann Knuth in 1958

 They were affectionately known as Bill and Minnie

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Children and grand children of Bill and Minnie Knuth of Augusta Wisconsin

The duplicate photo below identifies all on the names

Bottom Row:  Dean Knuth, Bill Matz, William Knuth or Charles Knuth, Dennis Knuth, Richard Moen, Debbie Matz, Karen Knuth, Rosanne Sperber, Ed Sperber holding Marvin Sperber, and Agnes Knuth Matz

Middle Row: Arlen Knuth, Algean Knuth Strauch, Irma Knuth, Alice Sperber? holding Lora Knuth, Minnie Knuth Frederick (the founding family William Knuth's sister), Randy Sperber held by Roxann Sperber

Back Row: Dale Knuth, Hamley Frederick, Betty Lou File Johnson Knuth, Herb Knuth, Minnie Frederick, Ed Moen (mostly hidden) holding Sherri Knuth Moore Saxe, John Knuth,  Esther Knuth Moen, Albert Knuth, Margaret Knuth Sperber, Joyce Sperber holding Cindy Sperber.

Recollection of this Knuth Family Reunion event:
I was 10 years old when this photo was taken.  I remember everyone being busy, social.  Adults were jabbering and kids were playing.  It was a hot July or August day and all of the kids were swelting as they ran around.  The Matz family kids intelligence, my cousins,  were a revelation  Bill Matz was my approximate age but the girls, except Debbie Matz, were older and well schooled.  I remember telling one of the educated girls that I wished I had a cold shower - she told me it was better to have a warm shower because it would open your pores and your skin would cool you because moisture would evaporate better

As another aside, and at another time than the reunion: the cousins in the Matz family taught me some humility.   I remember frustrations when I talked Baseball (they did not know the terms) but then I remember embarrassment when the Matz cousins talked Tennis and I did not know the terms.  It was embarrassing

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Knuth Family Reunion Strum Wisconsin 1958