The William Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin

Dells Mill Pond in about 1925

The Dells Mill and the great fishing Dells pond was a center of the Knuth and neighboring community during the late 19th and Early 20th Century

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Dells Mill Pond

The Dells Mill Pond Circa 1920's, maybe? The Dells Mill Pond was a Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin fishing sanctuary to get away from all the hard work and provided many a meal for the thriving family. The pond is still a great place to catch pan fish - bass, crappies, sunfish, perch and blue gills in the Augusta Wisconsin Area. It is also a tourist spot of the Dells Mill Museum

The pond was a busy swimming hole too for the Knuth children.  Most of the children of the family attended the Dells Mill School which was just 50 yards from the pond.  Most of the Knuth children never advanced beyond the Eighth (8th) Grade.  It wasn't necessary to be so educated.  all of the sons were expected to be farmers and the women  were expected to be wives and mothers of large families