The William Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin

Image of the Knuth Family Farm Home in 1910.

 See the De-constructed page for the detail of its use and layout

KNuth Family Home De-Constructed

  1. A. Basement entry
  2. B. Main Entry
  3. C. Window to entry room
  4. D. Pantry Window
  5. E. South / West Facing Lower Bedroom
  6. F. South / West Facing Upper Bedroom
  7. G. North / East Facing Upper Bedroom
  8. H. Kitchen stoves chimney
  9. I. Living room stove chimney
  10. J. Wash Tub and Laundry bench
  11. K. Entry platform
  12. L.  Yard
  13. M. Foundation - there was no full size basement only the cellar

Knuth Farmhouse in 1910 as it was laid out and used. The house is on County Highway V in the Town of Bridgecreek, between Rodell and the Dells Mill, Near Augusta and Fall Creek WI