The William Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin

The Wedding Certificate of Wilhelm (William aka Bill) Knuth and Wilhelmine (Minnie) Bann

January 8, 1903 Marriage Certificate.  This beautiful parchment certificate has been framed and kept displayed prominently by the family

r1903 German Wedding Certificate

Wilhelm Knuth and Wilhelmine Bann Marriage Certificate on parchment from 1903. They were married on January 3, 1903 at Bears Grass Church near Augusta Wisconsin.  Wilhelm was known as William or Bill; Wilhelmine was known as Wilhelmina or Minnie.  Eight Children resulted from their marriage

Witnesses to the Marriage were Carl Knuth, Julius Bann, Rudolf Nehring, Marie Bann, Lina Bann and Netha Kunz

The certificate mentions notes that the bride and groom were from Posen, Deutschland with married couple residing in the Town of Bridge Creek, Eau Claire County Wisconsin

Officiating was Pastor Otto Bauer

The scan of the certificate is in 3 parts and is written in German. Knuth Heiratsurkunde geschrieben auf Deutsch

The Wedding Certificate or Marriage License or Marriage Certificate

Die Hochzeits-Bescheinigung oder die Verbindungs-Lizenz 1903


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