The William Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin


This William Knuth Family was the 1st Fully American Generation of Immigrant Stock

Decedents of Immigrants Carl Knuth and Wilhelmine Lambrecht from Germany / Poland / Prussia / Scandinavia. The family grew up in Bears Grass Wisconsin near Augusta and Fall Creek Wisconsin

Descendants with this Knuth sir name are not wide spread in America. The preferred family pronunciation of  Knuth is with two syllables as 'ka nooth' ('ca newth') or 'ka noot' ('ca newt').  The name is of Germanic / Scandinavian / Norse origin and a variation is Knutson (ka noot sun).  To pronounce Knuth as one  syllable with a silent 'K' as 'nooth' ('newth') or 'noot' identifies you as a stranger; not of Northern Wisconsin origin.

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Added 2013 - Knuth Family Groups

New Knuth Family Heritage Photos found and added May 2013

See  our Photo Galleries Index.  The photos are scanned from the John Knuth Family album - Sons and Daughters of William Knuth, Grand sons and Grand daughters of Carl Knuth, Great Grand sons and Great grand daughters of Johann Knuth

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The Carl Knuth Family Carl was at one time known as Charles Knuth by the US Army  See the home page for more informaton
The children, spouses, parents and siblings of the Carl Knuth Family and the William Knuth family
The page includes family names and dates of birth as early as 1811.  Perhaps the best place to start when researching your heritage.


The mother Wilhelmina Albertina Bann Knuth  (Minnie also spelled Wilhelmine Albertine) was born April 24, 1881 at West Prussia, Germany deceased c. 1942
You can see Wilhelmine's Obituary Wilhelm's (William) Obituary on the gravestone photo page
From a family of 8
Wisconsin Knuth Family
You can see this image full size on our Family Formal Portrait Index Page

As happens in many families - formal family portraits are not taken until some one dies.  This is why Wilhelmina was not in this photo

Left to Right -
Top Row:  Ervin Knuth b. 8/26/1912, d  5/12/1979; Albert Knuth b. 7/17/1908, d. 1/2/1968;
Middle:  Agnes Knuth b. 9/15/1918, d. 8/9/1984; Esther Knuth b. 9/3/1914.  d. 12/13/1999; John Knuth b. 4/8/1925, d. 6/9/2012
 Bottom: Herb Knuth 9/15/1922, d. 12/27/1990; Margaret Knuth b. 2/4/1904, d. 12/25/1987; William Knuth, Father, Adela Knuth b. 9/19/1905, d. 2/20/1998
Some of this family can be seen in its youth as students of the Augusta Wisconsin Dells Mill School Class of 1922
Date of Family Photo Unknown  c. late 1940's? Bill and Minnie were married January , 1903

William Knuth's mother out lived Minnie Bann Knuth, Bills' Wife.  Both Died in 1942

Both Bill Knuth's Wife and Mother had the same first name, Wilhelmine

Bears Grass St Peters Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1939 f032_untitled0004.jpg
Most of the family was confirmed in St Peters Lutheran Church in Bears Grass.  You can see and interior of the church here Baby Theresa was first born but she did not survive.

Wilhelm Knuth Wedding Certificate

See the William Knuth and Wilhelmina Bann Marriage Certificate

Minnie Knuth passed on in 1942, William Knuth in 1955.  Minne died from complications of a goiter, Bill Knuth from complications of heart disease
William Knuth Was Born in 1877 and Died in 1955 Minnie Wilhelmina Albertina Ban Knuth ws born in 1881 and Died in 1942 the Knuth headstone This is the original Knuth Homestean in Augusta Wisconsin about 1910 It may actually be earlier because there are no trees - the trees on the property in 2010 are at least 100 years old

The Bill and Minnie Knuth Gravestone in the East Lawn Cemetery in Augusta Wisconsin

Also see - The Farm House Deconstructed - Home the Pioneer Farmhouse was used in the 19th and 20th Centuries
1949 Dair Farm 1958 William and Wilhelmenia Knuth Kids at the Family Reunion
New! 1949 Knuth Dairy Farm in Augusta Wisconsin
New! Knuth Reunion Page
The Homestead Farm as it exists today can be seen on the Rodell Wisconsin Site - Click the image to see it full size.  The farm is on country road V between Rodell and the Dells Mill Museum near Augusta, Fall Creek, Bears Grass and Foster Wisc This is the original Knuth Homestean in Augusta Wisconsin about 1910 It may actually be earlier because there are no trees - the trees on the property in 2010 are at least 100 years old

The Knuth Family / Wives and their children
The Sperbers: Alvin and Ed, brothers, married Knuth Sisters

Ervin Knuth / Wilma Albert Knuth / Irma Klatt Agnes  Knuth / Arnold Matz Esther  Knuth / Ed Moen
David Dale Arlen Charlie William Lora Kimberly Monty Algean Bill Sonja Diane Debra Richard
John  Knuth / Emogene Grams Herb Knuth / Betty Lou File Margaret  Knuth / Alvin Sperber Adela  Knuth / Ed Sperber
Sherri Dennis Dean Karen Janet Arlene Alice Marilyn Harold Eleanor Kenny Donald
John Knuth / Ardith Brown Hilmanowski Herb Knuth / Janice Johnson Solie    

Carl Knuth (aka Charles Knuth) born circa 1840 / married to Wilhelmine Luetke Lambrecht Knuth nee Lambrecht (a variation of  Lambert or Lampert)
Carl and Minnie lived in Augusta Wisconsin
Carl Knuth was Born in Posen Prussia - Minnie was Born in Bromberg Prussia - See their Obituaries for More Information - Both areas became part of Poland after World War I through now, 2010
German: Provinz Posen, Polish: Prowincja Poznańska 

Carl was 18 years older than his wife
Carl and Minnie Knuth were the Father and mother of William Knuth
There were a total of 13 Children from this marriage (see their obituaries for information about the surviving family members)

You can see the Whole Carl Knuth Family, birth and death dates, including spouses, siblings and children on the Carl Knuth Portrait Page

The family led lives in Bears Grass Wisconsin, Lost the farm and moved to what is now the Dean Solie farm (Carl cleared the area and built the farm) Hank Knuth was William Knuth's Oldest brother with daughters Sadie and Rosella took over the farm after Carl Died, run the farm, Sadie married Solie, Rosella married Erdman, went together 20 years until Lucky Erdman quit drinking

Knuth Family Photo Albums - The photos are at least 50 years old. Some over 150 years old - many are unidentified - Help Out!

Carl Knuth and his Wife - nee Minnie Lambrecht

Obituary of Carl Knuth
Augusta Union Newspaper circa 1913

Obituary of Minnie Luedke Lambrecht Knuth from the Augusta Union Newspaper in 1942

carl_knuth.jpg The Carl Knuth Family Carl was at one time known as Charles Knuth by the US Army  See the home page for more informaton

Carl Knuth and his Wife  Minnie - Father of William Knuth and Grand Parents of the Family.  Carl may have been known also as Charles Knuth due to record errors by the US Government.  You can see more information about them on their obituaries

Also - see their information about parents, children an siblings on the portrait page

The Knuth Family Photo Albums were created by William Knuth and Wilhelmina Albertina Bann Knuth. The Albums were inherited and Added to by John Knuth. Names and identities are from the memory of John Knuth age 75 to 85.  Some of the names may not be correct because these memories are clouded by the mists of time.  Please register if you have any updated or corrected information.

The History of the Knuth Family is closely intertwined with the History of Wisconsin and the History of Augusta Wisconsin

You can see the  Augusta Wisconsin History Index Page HERE, Augusta History in 1956 HERE and remembrances of the centennial in 2006 HERE

New: An American Civil War Diary by 'Ole Kittelson Leigram' b. 1839.  Kittleson and Carl Knuth both served in the same unit in the American Civil War.  It is not known if they were acquaintances but one would assume that they may have encountered each other.  Ole was of Norwegian descent with Carl Knuth was of German descent.  Both were immigrants in an English speaking Army.  Both would have experienced the same events and agonies in the American Civil War.  Kittleson served in the 15th Infantry (primarily Norwegian speaking) and Carl Knuth in the 45th Infantry (primarily German speaking).  Both were mustered-in in Rio Wisconsin in 1862. Read the Diary of what your Knuth ancestor may have experienced in the Civil War 

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Knuth Wisconsin Homestead

You can see the location of the Knuth Family Homestead on this Wisconsin Map on the Dells Mill Site in Augusta Wisconsin

America Wisconsin State


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